How to Grow Food in a Small Outdoor Space

How to Grow Food in a Small Outdoor Space

Grow Your Own Food


Just because you don’t have a big yard for a garden, doesn’t mean you can’t grow food at home! Even with a small plot, there are many options available to you. Here are some different ways to grow your own food in just a small outdoor space.

Using Containers

The first way you can grow food with just a small outdoor space is by using containers. Container gardening is a popular option and really easy to get started. Not only does it not require as much yard space, but it is easier to control the environmental conditions when growing your vegetables, including the soil and water. Containers can easily be moved to different areas of your backyard or patio to get closer or further away from the sun, which is another big plus.

Some plants that grow well in containers include tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and bell peppers.

Raised Beds

Another option is with raised beds, which allows you a little more space by working upward, and not using as much of your square footage for the growing. You do still need some garden space for these, but you’re taking more advantage of vertical space in your backyard, and using a little less of the square footage.

Hate weeds? Raised beds are perfect! It’s like combining container gardening with traditional gardening by putting your plants in smaller raised beds. Plus, they are a little higher up, so if you have back problems or are in a wheelchair, it is much more accessible for you.

Windowsill Containers

Yes, you can do container gardening right in your windowsills! This can be a fun way to use up this space that would otherwise just be used for decoration. We are talking about indoor windowsill container here, so you are combining indoor gardening with container gardening. You get enough sunlight in a windowsill for most types of vegetables and other plants, so they work really well. Not to mention, it brings in some beauty to your home when they start growing.

Vertical Growing

Lastly, there is vertical gardening, which is a popular option for people who don’t have a lot of backyard space. Many people prefer growing tomatoes on trellis-like structures in their garden because they naturally grow upwards. But most vegetables can grow upward with the right gardening structure, including in hydroponic gardens. It is definitely worth looking into.

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